Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) conducts research on agriculture, natural resources, rural economies and social issues to address the needs of Oklahomans. 

Our research is a collaborative effort between farmers and ranchers, agriculture commodity groups, industry, state agencies, and federal competitive grants. OAES research expenditures account for more than $50 million annually and directly support Oklahoma’s agricultural industry.

Position Announcement: Unit Head and Director, Field and Research Service Unit.
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Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks an important part of the farm to fork chain

It’s a safe assumption everyone cares – at least a little bit – about the source of the food that finds its way to the dinner table each night. If that’s the case, then Oklahomans should care a lot about Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks.

Part of the Oklahoma Agriculture Experiment Station, OFSS plays a crucial, but perhaps not very well known or understood role in the farm to fork food supply chain.

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Carbon sequestration a positive aspect of beef cattle grazing grasslands


Beef cattle grazing on grass pastures might not be the first thing people think of when discussing the subject of combatting greenhouse gas emissions, but it is an agricultural practice providing significant dividends to the effort.
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