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The Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) conducts research for the purpose of developing new knowledge to address the needs of Oklahomans. OAES research focuses on agriculture, natural resources, rural economies and social issues.

Approximately 37 percent of Oklahoma State University’s research efforts are  undertaken as part of the statewide Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station system. OAES research expenditures account for more than $50 million annually.

Keith Owens

 Keith Owens
 Associate Vice President
 Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station



Forget green, grass is better when it's orange and black

DASNR did not start its bermudagrass development program with the intention of specifically turning out high-end turf for major sports, the resulting products have just been what a number of professional and amateur organizations across the nation have needed.  Bermudagrass is a popular turf choice not only as a sports grass but on lawns as well, thanks to its sod-forming growth habit, long-lived perennial nature, ability to rebound from heavy traffic and resistance to many environmental stresses such as heat and drought. It is also exceptionally tolerant to frequent low mowing, a boon to golf course managers and homeowners alike. 
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