Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

Dr. Raymond Sidwell Research Facility

A lasting legacy serving Oklahoma agriculture

Construction of the new Dr. Raymond Sidwell Research Facility at DASNR’s North Central Research Station near Lahoma is progressing. The facility will have a conference room, offices and restrooms compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will feature a large open bay design that will facilitate equipment and make possible field day events unimpeded by weather. Sidwell served as senior station manager for the 143-acre experiment station from June of 1980 until his passing in December of 2013. More than three decades of Sidwell’s meticulous management of the station allowed for major research efforts in wheat breeding and variety development, soil fertility, weed science, soybean varieties and cropping systems, grain sorghum variety trials, plant pathology and entomology.

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Progress Photos of Week 5-9-16

May 9 - 1.jpg  May 9 - 2.jpg  May 9 - 3.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 5-8-16

2016-5-8-1.jpg   2016-5-8-2.jpg  2016-5-10-3.jpg  2016-5-10-4.jpg  2016-5-10-5.jpg  2016-5-8-6.jpg

2016-5-8-7.jpg  2016-5-8-8.jpg    2016-5-8-10.jpg  2016-5-8-13.jpg  2016-5-8-14.jpg  2016-5-8-15.jpg 

 2016-5-8-16.jpg  2016-5-8-19.jpg  2016-5-8-18.jpg  2016-5-8-17.jpg  2016-5-8-20.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 5-1-16

01.jpg  02.jpg  03.jpg  04.jpg  05.jpg  06.jpg

07.jpg  08.jpg  09.jpg  10.jpg  11.jpg  12.jpg

13.jpg    14.jpg    15.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 4-24-16

we 4-24-26-3  we 4-24-16-4  we 4-24-16-6  we 4-24-16-5


Progress Photos of Week 4-17-16

4-17-16-1.jpg  4-17-16-2.jpg  4-17-16-3.jpg  4-17-16-4.jpg  4-17-16-5.jpg

Progress Photos of Week 4-10-16


 4-10-1.jpg  4-10-2.jpg  4-10-3.jpg  4-10-4.jpg

4-10-5.jpg  4-10-6.jpg  4-10-7.jpg  4-10-8.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 4-3-16

4-3-1.jpg   4-3-2.jpg  4-3-3.jpg  4-3-4.jpg

4-3-5.jpg  4-3-6.jpg  4-3-7.jpg  4-3-8.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 3-27-16

3-27-16-1  3-27-16-2  3-27-16-3 
 3-27-16-4  3-27-16-5  3-27-16-6

Progress Photos of Week 3-20-16

w 3-20-16-3.jpg  w 3-20-16-4.jpg  w 3-20-16-5.jpg  w 3-20-16-6.jpg

w 3-20-16-7.jpg   w 3-20-16-8.jpg   w 3-20-16-9.jpg   w 3-20-16-10.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 3-11-16

Drone1  Drone2.jpg  Drone3.jpg

Drone4.jpg  Drone5.jpg  Drone6.jpg

3-13-16-4  3-13-16-7.jpg  3-13-16-6.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 3-6-16

   3-6-16 2.jpg   3-6-16 3.jpg   3-6-16 4.jpg   

 3-6-16 1.jpg    3-6-16 5.jpg    3-6-16 6.jpg


Progress Photo of Week 2-25-2016



Progress Photos of Week 2-21-2016

 Foundation 21.jpg    Foundation 22.jpg    Foundation 23.jpg    Foundation 24.jpg


Progress Photos of Week 2-14-2016


Foundation3.jpg      Foundation4.jpg     Foundation2.jpg


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