Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Plant Material Release Committee

The mission of the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) includes the discovery and development of superior plant germplasms and varieties with current or potential economic importance to Oklahoma.  As improved plant materials are discovered or developed, it is the policy of the OAES to transfer these materials to Oklahoma agricultural stakeholders as expeditiously as possible.

OAES Plant Material Release Committee:

Dr. Randy Raper (Chair)
Dr. Brett Carver
Dr. Bruce Dunn
Dr. Kris Giles
Dr. Bob Hunger
Dr. Dennis Martin
Dr. Yanqi Wu

Dr. Janet Cole – Ex Officio
Dr. Jeff Edwards - Ex Officio
Mr. Roger Osburn – Ex Officio
Mr. Don Stotts – Ex Officio
Mr. Jeff Wright – Ex Officio

OAES Policies and Procedures for Release and Distribution of Plant Materials

Agronomic Crop Variety and Germplasm Releases by the OAES

Approval Form for Release of Plant Materials

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