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The Electronic Support Facility of the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR)  Field Research and Service Unit  started out in 1961 as simply the ‘Electronics Shop’ in an oversized closet. The shop was developed out of a need of the four departments then occupying the Physical Sciences Building (Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics and Geology) for the maintenance and repair of existing research and teaching instruments.

In 1975, with increasing need for more sophisticated support, the Electronics Shop Manager position was reclassified as Administrative/Professional and re-titled to Coordinator in order to attract and retain the highly qualified individual necessary to fulfill those requirements.
In 1992 the Electronics Shop moved along with the Biochemistry Department into its current facilities in the Noble Research Center. The new space was designed specifically to enable the shop to better fulfill its mission.  In March of 1993, the College of Arts and Sciences terminated its support of the Electronics Shop and DASNR picked up full support of the position and facility.


Throughout its history the mission of the Electronics Shop has been to support the research and teaching aspects of various departments and programs of the University by maintaining the electronics instrumentation required by those entities.  In addition, periodically there has been a need to develop and fabricate new instruments and circuits unique to researcher’s needs.  With the increased use of personal computers both in the offices and in the labs the Electronics Shop has provided limited hardware repair and software development and support.

Although the Electronics Shop has always been located within Biochemistry space, with administrative oversight assigned to the Biochemistry Department Head, the scope of the support provided has always been throughout the many departments within DASNR and indeed to any department or researcher within the University.  Support has even been extended to OSU branch campuses and outlying field units.


In the spring of 2007, the administrative oversight of the Electronics Shop was shifted to the Field Research and Service Unit and the name was changed to Electronics Support Facility to reflect the more diverse nature of support provided.

An additional support position was established apart from the Electronics Support Facility to provide for the maintenance of building infrastructure and increase building and lab safety. The two entities are working closely together to enhance the support services provided to the researchers within the Noble Research Center building.


The Electronics Shop was set up to not be a burden on either the Division or the Biochemistry Department and as such charges for its services. While consultation and “quickey” jobs do not usually incur a cost, repair and/or modification of instruments are billed through the Campus Vendor Invoice system. Typical costs are from $40 to $100 over the cost of parts.


If you have need of electronics support and feel the Electronics Support Facility can provide it, please contact us via email or phone. If you’re in the vicinity, feel free to drop in. We always have a beaker of M&Ms available.

Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes
Electronics Support Facility
142A Noble Research Center
Phone: (405) 744-6563

Arfan Mohiuddin

Irfan Mohiuddin
Equipment Specialist - Safety Coordinator 
112A Noble Research Center
Phone: (405) 744-4517
Mobile: (405) 880-4198



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