Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

2002 Field Tour Proceedings

May 16, 2002 Location: South of Haskell, OK at the intersection of highways 16 and 62

Field Tour Summary

  • Herd Size Strategy 
    Kent Barnes, Area Extension Livestock Specialist, NE District
  • Pasture Options, Short and Long Term
    Daren Redfearn, Assistant Professor, Forages and Pasture Management
    Bob Woods, Area Extension Agronomist, NE District
  • New Forage Legumes
    Dr. John Caddel, Professor, Forage Agronomist
  • Bermudagrass Varieties for Hay, Pasture, and Turf 
    Dr. Charles Taliaferro, Regents Professor, Forage and Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics
  • Liming Forage Legumes
    Ms. Kendra Wise, Plant and Soil Sciences Graduate Student
    Dr. Hailin Zhang, Extension Waste Nutrient Management Specialist and Director of Soil Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory
    Dr. John Caddel, Professor, Forage Agronomist
  • Pasture walk through one of the grass/legume pastures discussing management requirements
    Dr. John Caddel, Forage Agronomist
    Bob Woods, Area Extension Agronomist, NE District

2002 Map of Eastern Research Station

The Eastern Research Station provides opportunities for research and demonstrations on row crops, forages, soils, and pastures for producers in Eastern Oklahoma.

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